The Librarium

Here is a list of what I have published thus far and where you can find it, if possible.

Song of the Cinder (2014)
“With Other Eyes to See” Tales of the Talisman (Vol. 8 Issue 4)
“The Graverobber” Tales of the Talisman (Vol. 6 Issue 1)
“A Good Place for Graves” A Fly in Amber (March 2010)
“INK: A Shadowland of Death and Dreams” Fantasy Magazine, (2009)
“A Million Little Pixels” Fantasy Magazine (2009)
“A Lot More than Goggles: Steampunk as a Reflection and Reinvention of Post-Modern Identity and Culture” Membra Disjecta (Dec. 2008)
“Roll the Dice and Be a Hero!” Fantasy Magazine (Dec. 2008)
“The Cowbird’s Nest”; Deadlines: An Anthology of Dark Fantasy and Horror (Nov. 2008)
“The Last Man in Town” Coyote Wild (March 2008)
“A Night at the Dutchman” Tales of the Talisman (Vol. 4 Issue 3)
“By Way of the Maelstrom” Tales of the Talisman (Vol. 2 Issue 3)