Other writings

Here are some other things I have written, mostly fiction! Enjoy!

Buy my book Song of the Cinder on Amazon.com!

Sometimes I post on the site for my hometown, Walden, CO!  If you know me at all, you’ve heard of this place.

Here is a review for the movie, INK which I did for Fantasy Magazine.

This is a parody review I did for the actual Necronomicon (a fictional book) for Fantasy Magazine.

My short story, “The Last Man in Town” in Coyote Wild magazine.

My short story, “A Good Place for Graves” in A Fly in Amber magazine.

My article in Cracked.com about ghost-hunting.  Yes, there’s lots of cussing.

I have had several works published in Tales of the Talisman.  An actual dead tree magazine!  Check them out for reprints!  Excellent stuff and the editor is a great guy to work with.

Just for fun, here’s a horror story of mine that made it into an anthology.  “The Cowbird’s Nest.”  Spooky!  Every once in a while, I get a check for like a dollar from royalties on this one.