Saying Uncle to the Editing Process

I’ve been editing the book the majority of the day. Rewriting chapters, adding scenes. I have no idea what my word count might be today, but I got a lot done. I finished up a couple partial chapters and I feel good about them. I’ve been clearing notes and putting checks in the margins. I have a big scene to write soon which will cover a major plot point I can’t believe I haven’t written yet. After that I will have the final stretch of the book to write. It’s all there in notes, I just need to connect the dots.

I found another redundant scene where I had repeated nearly everything in some form later on. Sometimes this whole process just gets old. It feels good though to detach myself from it and turn it into a story instead of what it has been. I feel like I’m able to close the door on some painful experiences as a result. I’m already thinking about the next book and what I want that to look like.

The last few days, I have been pitching, submitting applications, and working on that side of freelancing. Today felt like a series of setbacks in some ways, but the moose have returned to town, so that’s kinda fun.

Today I did good things. I got a little too sucked into the story though because I was hoping to send out several queries to agents or editors, and that didn’t happen. But I have a good pitch ready and a tight first 50 pages. The subsequent chapters are stronger now too.

It was a solid, productive day and even though I didn’t write paid content, the work felt good. I paid myself in spirit, which is also important.


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