Emotional and stuff

I just finished writing a very emotional chapter and decided I needed to decompress here a little bit, so I’m going to talk about that.

Writing is more than just characters and plot and pretty language. Sometimes you have to dig really deep inside yourself and pull something out of that murky well of your heart. With this project I have felt that a number of times. Tonight was such a night.

It can leave you feeling unsteady. It can make you feel like you’ve been hollowed out or it can bring up with it a whole bunch of other feelings. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but it’s all a process. It allows you to put your mind in different scenarios and based on the personalities of the characters the outcome may vary.

Most of today I did things around the house that needed to be done. I weatherized the windows for winter, I did dishes, cooked, and a few other things got done that I had been putting off. I didn’t expect to sit down and write a scene really, but I did. Luckily it was short. Sometimes I have those on the agenda, when I can just sit down and work something out that has been on my mind.

Tomorrow is a chapter that encompasses a lot more time. It will require more planning and structure and probably not as deep a well to dip into for the same type of emotion this scene required. This scene really needed to pull at the heart strings. Tomorrow, hopefully, won’t be as deep.

So, for the rest of tonight, I’m going to read and decompress. The scene is done and I’m giving myself the rest of the night off.