As I might have mentioned in earlier posts, my writing process has a lot to do with eliminating all other distractions and then being able to proceed with an unburdened mind. Today, my Monday after sending my son back to his mom’s for the week, consisted mainly of uncluttering my mind. Was I successful? Not especially, but at least I won’t have as many distractions tomorrow.

My list of things to do includes the following:

  • Read up on books to build a better travel writing website
  • Approach more clients, editors, and leads
  • Write some pitches
  • Plan an itenary for writing trips
  • Work on the book
  • Dishes
  • Update LinkedIn profile

None of that got accomplished today. These are some of what were accomplished:

  • Cooked roasted chicken for lunch
  • Replaced office deadbolt
  • Hung curtains on back door
  • Washed and re-hung wrinkled curtains in bedroom
  • Installed a barrel bolt on door leading to the dock (yes, my house has a dock)
  • Took the dog out for several walks
  • Sent some emails
  • Jury duty postponement form
  • Chatted with friends and got caught up
  • Beat self up about various things

Now that all of those things are out of the way, I can expect to have a productive week.