Last night here

Tonight I am writing this post on my phone because my computer and iPad are both packed up. Tonight will be the last night I have with my furniture at this place. Tomorrow I load it all up and take it to the next phase of my life. Right now I wish I was feeling like that was as romantic and hopeful as it sounds but I have to fit everything I own onto a uhaul trailer and drive through a snow storm to get there.
I have an eight foot section of couch to wrestle out of he front door by myself. A queen sized bed and other pieces of furniture and boxes. I’m just hoping to do it without hurting my back. If I didn’t need a couch I would have put a sign on it that said Free and left it for someone else on the curb.
This weekend has been busy. Since Friday I have been writing content for a company that sells sex toys. The whole thing is exhausting. You become numb to it after a while. From life sized dolls to bondage kits. That’s a whole lot of research and writing to do for it all. On a subject that demands you know what the hell you are on about.
let’s just say my tastes run vanilla and I see a lot of closet space and shit to move and maintain for that lifestyle. But I write because I’m young and need the money.
once my move is done I have to clean two houses. By myself. I might take a road trip at the end of the week just to get away from it all. I want to take some time off from painting, lifting; scrubbing, and everything else.
to ight I am tired and I see nothing but a bunch of work staring right back at me.