I guess it was a good day

Today started off being stressful. I am in the process of compiling discovery documents for an upcoming custody case. I have seen enough of this in the last six years to last me a lifetime. Believe me when I say it gets old. I did get some good advice regarding how to proceed, and for those who helped me, I can’t thank you enough.

But I’m not going to talk about that.

Today I also got to spend a lot of time writing. I might sound like a broken record about this, but God do I love writing. I don’t even know how many words I got down today, but I will say that the chapter I was working on is done and it wound up being around 5700 words. It was a challenge to write too, since it was based in complete fiction. I had to compress a person’s life into just one chapter

It was based on something I wrote here, and one of the things I loved about writing this is how nothing is wasted. You can take the seed of an idea and grow it into something different. Something with life and depth and feeling. I wasn’t sold on the chapter in the middle of the afternoon when I took a break to pore over legal documents. I was disheartened, actually. A little concerned that I was wasting a day of writing. Instead, by the time I finished, I was very happy with what I had turned out.

I also shared a bit that I had worked on a while back with someone I thought might appreciate the content, as their own life has resonated with the content. It did. I got good feedback, though it did inspire a conversation that might have been better left alone. I don’t want to provoke people but rather some of the things I am writing about are not things we are supposed to discuss. They are against the grain of the mainstream. They are unpopular opinions sometimes, but they are still things that many of us face every day and don’t feel like there is a familiar voice in the darkness for us to hear.

I am encouraged that I am doing the right thing, so I will keep on keeping on.

Tonight, I am enjoying a whiskey on the rocks to help my brain unwind. I’ve earned it. Tomorrow is another day to create and I am looking forward to it.