Today I wrote 2000 words. At the end of those 2,000 words, I realized that I didn’t like where things were going. It was in first person. I’m used to writing in first person on my blogs, which I do regularly, so lately that voice has been a lot stronger than my usual third person. What this story needs is a good third person POV. Limited. The biggest difference is that a first person POV allows total immersion into the mind of the narrator. A third person POV brings you back out a little bit. In some ways, it allows you to let the work breathe just a little bit.

I got the words down, and am breaking down how things need to feel. How the story needs to work. It will also give me some more wiggle room on novelization instead of thinly veiled autobiography. I can take my character into strange new places. I can get crazy with the absurdities.

I basically lost a day of writing as far as word counts go, but as far as working on the story goes, it needed to happen. I got some solid feedback from some people I spoke with about the POV change.

But I also ate a bunch of junk food and went to get coffee twice. I missed my son. But I also had a conversation with an old friend about books and movies and all sorts of other crunchy goodness. I’m going to let the story breathe tonight and not work on it again until the morning. Maybe I’ll come up with something as I dream.

Hopefully the dreams aren’t the same as they had been. I’m sleeping a little better. Tonight, weird wind storms dropped the house temp down to 63 degrees. After a day of 81 inside. Up in my hometown, my mom’s garden got snowed on.

Update: After posting this, I started on the new 3rd person POV version and got 1500 words in. A good day of writing. Now I’m going to go black out.