A brief status update

For the last couple of weeks I haven’t been feeling well, so forgive me for my lack of posts, if you are one of the happy readers that I try to entertain each week.  For whatever reason I came down with a case of pneumonia, which I have been fighting for the last few weeks.  I’m still recovering.  Needless to say, I haven’t been getting out much.

One of the things that I have had time to consider about my health recently has been that normally, I feel better than I have in the last 40 years of life.  My cardio, my weight, everything has been doing great and under control.   But when you have asthma, some things affect you many times worse than other people.  When I turned 44 this year, I felt the weight of all my years suddenly upon me.

It was not fun.

For the last week, I have missed five days of work and been in such a state of apathy and ennui I should have become a French philosopher.  Thanks to the modern marvel of antibiotics, I am recovering.  This morning, I haven’t been coughing stuff up.  I am still feeling pretty puny, but I have been able to catch up with work this morning fairly well.  I’ll spare you the grisly details.

What bothered me the most was as someone who is usually energetic, happy, and optimistic, this last week was really a struggle.  Sleeping, coughing until my ribs ached, counting my breaths as though each one were a precious commodity, and the general lack of feeling like my life would ever return to normal was crippling.

I hate feeling like this.  I don’t think I have felt this bad since last Winter, when a number of sleepless nights and some bronchitis dropped me, or even back when I was a kid with chronic strep throat.  I can tell you that many, many hours of cartoons were watched on my parents’ couch on those days when I was out sick from school.  I am not a fan of being incapacitated.

So, today I am writing about it, because I feel like I’ve made it through the worst and am just beginning to feel like my old, healthy self again.  Hopefully more posts will be forthcoming and I can stop feeling like I’ve been trampled by a 40 mule team.

I’m still here!


Road trip!

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Our road trips always start off with coffee. Specifically Dutch Bros. coffee. Northern Colorado has finally been gifted with the finest export Oregon has had to offer since the discovery of oregano. My girlfriend, Elise, and I enjoy the upbeat attitude and top notch customer service we get the second we pull up into the drive-thru.

It’s not just getting coffee, it’s like getting a hello and a high-five from some really cool friends to start your day. Unlike other coffee places, their attitude is never sour, arrogant, or dismissive. They remember us from visit to visit and each time we stop by it’s like a continuation of a conversation we might have had the last time we stopped by. The people there are freaking awesome and adorable! 13/10 stars.

This last road trip was to celebrate my birthday. We started the day off…

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Finding a balance

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When you do something you love and try to make it what you do for a living, you run into some complications. One of the complications I have been facing has been trying to decide what goes in the blog and what I just keep for my own enjoyment.

As a writer, your brain is a stew, filled with all the ingredients the world provides.  All the people you have met, all the things you have seen, and every little experiences you have had go into the pot.  Even little tidbits of things you don’t consciously remember…

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