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Have the winter months got you down?  Are you already beginning to experience cabin fever?  Do you really think there is nothing to do in the wintertime other than strap two pieces of wood onto your feet and fall down the side of a mountain?  What a lot of people might not know is there is a lot more to wintertime than snowmobiles, snowy mountains, and well…snow.  The Oregon coast offers so much more, especially if you are sick of the white stuff.  The Oregon Coast boast a wintertime average temperature of 52 degrees F, making for a very mild winter climate! Oregon does get its ample share of snow during the winter months, but a lot of the time there is a whole other world to explore.  Winters on the North Pacific Coast are often very mild, with precipitation being in the form of rain as much as it is snow.

Here is a list of 10 Winter Trips around Tillamook, OR that you will cherish for a lifetime:

Whale watching:  Winter is an excellent time of year to whale watch.  Due to warm water currents, an abundance of food, and migratory patterns, you are sure to see these majestic marine animals at play, breaching the waves of the sea along the Pacific Coast.  A large variety of charter companies will take you out to where the whales are.  Make sure your camera has lots of battery power! You are going to want to take as many pictures as you can!

Make it a fishing trip: For the angler, the Oregon coast features world class fishing any time of the year, but especially during the winter months, you can set your sights on Steelhead trout (especially along the Nehalem River from February to April), as well as salmon!  Discover peace of mind as well as a great way to get away from it all!

Watching the storms roll in: With hundreds of miles of coast, one unique experience that the Oregon Coast is known for is stormwatching.  The skies and sea meet to create some truly breathtaking spectacles.  Make a trip of this by heading up or down the Pacific Coast Highway and enjoying a meal at any number of seaside restaurants.

Beachcombing: Once the storms have passed, enjoy the serenity of the beach.  There you might be surprised at what you find!  From Japanese fishing buoys that have found their way across the Pacific to creatures from the murky depths of the bottom of the ocean, that have found their way to the surface after a storm, there is always something interesting to see.  Visit tidal pools to enjoy the sealife that has found a home there.  From Rockaway Beach to Cascade Head, there are so many miles to choose from.  There are no wrong answers.

Hiking at a State or National Park:  There are several State Parks to choose from.  If visiting a rain forest, beach, mountains, or anything in-between, the Tillamook area has you covered.  From the views and coastal experience of Ecola State Park to the lush forests and hills that Siuslaw National Forest offers, your appetite for outdoor recreation and refilling the tank of your soul is all within reach.

Beer tours and wine tasting:  If all of this walking around has you discouraged, why not take some time off your feet and enjoy some of what Oregon has to offer with local craft breweries and wineries.  Wine tasting and brewery tours are in no shortage around Tillamook.  Along with your beverage, enjoy what the sea has to offer with fresh from the sea seafood for your meal!  You could make an entire road trip out of the experience, just eating your way up the PCH!

Kayaking:  Sea kayaking in the wintertime is not for the faint of heart, but it is an experience you will never forget.  Paddling along the coast will give you a chance to come closer to nature, as well as truly meet yourself.  Abundant marine life will join you on all sides, from whales to sea lions and views like none other you have ever experienced.  When it comes to adventure sports, you have all the boxes checked when it comes to winter sea kayaking on the Oregon Coast.

Glassblowing: Oregon is known for its contribution to artistry and the eclectic.  Our local artisans are happy to share their talents with you.  Watch talented glassblowers create works of art before your very eyes, and don’t forget to stop by their showrooms later on to pick up a beautifully crafted piece for your own home on the way out.  Here are just a few of the places around Tillamook that will “blow” your mind!

  • Icefire Glassworks
  • Lincoln City Glass Center
  • Liquid Light Glassworks
  • Alder House Glassblowing

Yurt Camping: Is wintertime less than ideal when it comes to camping?  Then you might consider yurt camping!  Developed by the indigenous people of Mongolia, yurts are semi-permanent structures, much like reinforced tents, that provide shelter in even the harshest of conditions.  In the Oregon Coast, yurts are a wonderful way to escape and find yourself close to nature without sacrificing the comforts of home.  Cape Lookout and Nehalem Bay are but a few to offer these unique accommodations.  The price is nice too, which just might put yurt camping at the top of your to-do list every winter!

Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium:  Have you often wondered what lives beneath that beautiful sea?  Well, now you can “sea” for yourself! The Oregon Coast Aquarium reveals all with a peerless collection of pacific coast marine animals.  Walk beneath manta rays and sharks, while experiencing the wonders the ocean has to offer through a completely interactive experience.

And an added bonus:

Peter Iredale Shipwreck:  In 1906, the four-masted steel barque ship called Peter Iredale ran aground ner the Tillamook lighthouse.  Today, this shipwreck still remains, ready for you to visit and explore.  How many times in your lifetime could you say you have seen an actual shipwreck?  Now is your chance!

A place for just about everyone!

So whether it is windswept dunes, or tidal pools teeming with life; a great nightlife filled with culture or the solitude of a rain coastal rain forest, the Tillamook, Oregon area has so much to offer during the winter months.  Test your skill at fishing, or kick back and try any number of craft brews or wines.  Oregon is a lot more than Portland and you will find out for yourself soon enough that it is probably harder to be bored in a place like this.

Your adventure awaits!  The only real problem you will have is deciding where to go first.  For spending time alone or with friends and family, the Tillamook area covers everything across the spectrum when it comes to getting out more and having the time of your life.  Be sure to bring your camera, your notebook, and your imagination.  You are sure to find inspiration as well as a beautiful part of the country filled with culture and friendly people.

Don’t let winter stop you cold!  Visit the Oregon coast and open up your mind, as well as your heart to new experiences.  You might just find the dream vacation you never even knew existed!